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Computers for Kids affected by COVID-19

June 24 2020 – Kicking Horse Technologies is fazing out the “Computers for Kids” program for families affected by COVID-19
Thank you to the local businesses and locals, whose huge generosity has enabled us to help local kids in this crisis.


Kicking Horse Technologies has started a “Computers for Kids” program for families affected by COVID-19, that either do not have a computer, or only have one computer and multiple children.

If anyone is in need of a basic computer for your child(ren), please fill out the form below.

These laptops and computers will all be Windows 10 , fully updated.

They are not gaming computers.

Please note: This program is restricted to the Golden, BC and the surrounding area

These are targeted at those who cannot afford to buy one themselves.

The Laptops and computers will be furnished at no charge.

If you have a laptop (minimum Windows 7) that you are not using, I will upgrade it to Windows 10 and add it to the donations.

Computers for Kids
Used Computers Laptops Tablets and more for Kids impacted by Covid-19 *
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